New : 23.02.2021

Switched to Google Sites new look. Only minor changes, like changing the URL concerning Cluverii Chronica. The link to Higginsbottom didn´t work, so now the URL points to Amazon, wheyre the book also is available.


Have changed the theme and changed the size of the letters and numbers, except for one page where it´s a copy of a site pasted into this.


Links to the two groups on Facebook has now been corrected. If you´re not already a member, you will first have to apply.


Have added information about Gut Stuckenborstel


Have changed the list over my nearest Family. However it's only on my fathers site, as this website is about the Klüvers.

The list include Heinrich Friedrich Klüwer - the son of my granduncles son.


ARENDI.DE works again. I keep my version, but it starts with a link to the original website.

I have added a new site today - Die Clüvers/Klüvers im Achim. There's some info about the St. Laurentis Church where some of the family are burried and where. Also the Clüverhaus is mentioned and finally some more members of the family are added.


For some odd reason the website ARENDI.DE doesn't work. It's said that if you wait for up to 15 min. you might be lucky and be able to see the text. Fortunately i printed out the pages 2 or 3 years ago, so until ARENDI.DE works again, i will have the content here. It's of course only concerning the Clüvers.