Family Photo's related to my father

The following photo's are basically of my Father and Grandfather. My Great Grandmother is also to be seen on one of the group photo's.

My Grandfather Johann Detlev Christian Klüver to the left with the cigar and in the middle with the baby, my Grandmother Ellen Jensine Luise (nee Hansen). The baby is my Father Egon Poul Herman Klüver. I have been wondering if the man to the right could be his brother Ludwig and 2 of the women their sisters there have been in Denmark to see the baby (My Father). The photo must be taken in 1910/1911.

A photo of my father at a time when WWI was rolling over Europe.

My Father as a boy (around 1920) in front of the Town Hall in Copenhagen

My Father as a boy, to the left in the front row. From what i know, the photo is taken in Kiel sometime during the 1920'es.

My Grandfather (no. 2 from the left) in one of "The Small Gardens" ("De Små Haver") on Frederiksberg sometime in the 1920'es.

My Father and Grandfather around 1928

My Great Grandmother in the second row to the right, between the two small girls.

My Father sometime in the mid-1960'es, when he worked at the Police Station in Humlebæk - 10 km. south of Elsinore.

This Police Station closed in the mid-1970'es. (My Father retired in 1972 and died in January 1974).

Wedding photo of Heinrich Friedrich Klüver - son of my Granduncle Ludwig - and his wife Eva. Must be before 1920 - he was 20 in 1912.