Family Crest (Cote of Arms)

The Clüver/Klüver Cote of Arms dates back to the time, the family name was Clawen and the bear claw in the crest, refers to name. Clüver/Klüver is a variation of Clawen.

Everyone of the noble family had a variation of the crest and on this page i'll go to show those i can get hold on.

The Seven banners represent the seven gifts of God to man.

From left to right, in order, the gilded or yellow flags signify:



Love of God





The Following lines may give a short explanation of the escutcheon:

“Die Fahnen und die Zierd des Helmes können zeugen

Wie euch der Bähren-Fueß von Euren Löwen-Muth

Wie mancher stoltzer Feind für Euch sich müßen beugen

Wenn Her und Vaterland begeistert Euren Muth”

Due to "Cluverii Chronica" this version of the Cote of Arms was received from Raymond

Lee Cluverius of Charleston, South Caronlina. (Cluverius is another version of our name)

The Cote of Arms belonging to Johan Wilhelm v. Klüwer (borned in Curland 1652, died in Norway 1739).

This version of the Cote of Arms, which is a glass painting, is found on one of the windows in the house belonging to Hinrich Klüver (* 1927).

This version is carved in oak and is to be found over the door in the house belonging to Hinrich Klüver. The house today is not the original house, but a farm house build by Hinrich Klüver in 1944, as the original building was destroyed under a bomb raid in 1942/43. The original house and place came in their possesion around 1630, when a Klüver from next village (Bremen-Oberneuland) married to that place in Bremen-Borgfeld (Katrepel). The carved version of the Cote of Arms was made back in 1602.

This version of the Cote of Arms belongs to Harm Clüver in Langwedel-Völkersen