Clüver/Klüver/Klüwer family

Here i'll place all information i come accross relating to the history of my family, most of it dating centuries back.

Whatever variation there is of the name - whether it's spelled with a "C" or a "K", it's the same family. There are other variations of the name like e.g. Cluverius and Klever. The german "Ü" (U umlaut) causes problems somewhere, so you also see it written "ue", "u" or "y". You also see it spelled either with a "v" or a "w". Back in time, when people, in what is Germany today, moved abroad and they had a "v" in their lastname, it was changed to a "w". During the 16th Century this stopped and those abroad kept the "w".

The name refers to the bear claw in the cote of arms. The family name was origianally Clawen (claw) and Clüver/Klüver is a variation of that. The name Clüver appears for the first time in the 10th century.

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