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Here i will post geneology-related topics concerning Clüvers/Klüvers, where i need some help.

Asmus Clüver

I have received a request from Manfred Köster, who is the Assessor for Public Relations at Schloss Etelsen in Etelsen, Langwedel in Lower Saxony, Germany. Schloss Etelsen, which have been in the hands of the families v. Clüver, the v. Mandelsloh, the v. Freese and the v. Quiter, has a park and in this park there is a huge gravestone with the Clüver/Klüver Cote of Arms and the following text:

In theTop: Anni Dm

In the right side: 1558 den ...........Augusti starf de ehrbar

In the Bottom: Asmus Clüver

In the left side:: dem Gott genedig sei, Amen

The grave stone is more than 2 m. high and weighs 1.200 kg. (1.2 tons) and this is how it looks like:

If you have any information about this Asmus Clüver , as the centuries has been hard to the stone), pls. contact me: lars@larskluver.com

Here is some information about Schloss Etelsen: