Here you'll find links to various webpages with relation to the Klüver's/Clüver's.
The norwegian Klüwer's
The website for Lorentz D. Klüwer (1790 - 1825) who spend some 12 years gathering information about the family in Norway after Johan Wilhelm von Klüwer (Clüwer) who came to Trondheim, Norway in 1670 from Curland (Latvia today) and settled there. 
Die Familie von Clüver  (The Clüver Family)
A german genealogy site. Being the happy owner of the "family-bible" Cluverii Chronica i must add that there is something which is not completely correct. It's like the family first appeared around the 12th century, but the first Clüver actually appeared in the 10th century and before hand the Family was called Clawen and dates centuries back. You could also get the understanding, that the family no longer existed after the end of the30 years war  in 1648, but they did. The last Clüver at the District Court in Achim - Count Otto von Clüver actually went to Sweden to get his position back, but unfortunately he died in 1660. Other Clüvers went into swedish military service and the rest just continued to live a more ordinary life. The text is solely in german.

Kirchenkreis Rotenburg - Sottrum
There is an epitaph in the southern end of the Sct Georg Kirche in Sottrum referring to members of the family.
Klüver Delhi - interiør
They are selling antique chinese furnitures and more:

Clüverhof Völkersen
Seit vielen Jahren züchten und vermarkten wir erfolgreich Hannoveraner Dressurpferde und Springpferde. Neben der eigenen Zucht kümmern wir uns mit der gleichen Sorgfalt um die Aufzucht, Ausbildung und die Vermarktung der uns anvertrauten Pensionspferde. Abgerundet und vervollständigt wird unser Betrieb durch optimale Haltungs- und Ausbildungsbedingungen.
 Pferde vom Clüverhof
Jugendjagd 2010 - video

Paul Clüver Wines
This family-owned, family-run wine business is located in the cool-climate Elgin Valley, approximately 70km south-east of Cape Town. The property has been in ownership of the Cluver Family since 1896. Recognised as pioneers of wine in the area, the focus is on producing elegant wines that are expressive of the terroir.

Clüver Spedition
Seit 1881 ist die Spedition Clüver ein erfahrener und zuverlässiger Partner für nationale und internationale Umzüge. Gegründet als Rollfuhrunternehmen begann die erste Generation mit Pferden und Bahnmöbelwagen Transporte vielerlei Art durchzuführen.

Klüvers Brauhaus
Der Ausblick vom Balkon des Brauhauses auf den Hafen und das Neustädter Binnenwasser ist einfach traumhaft. Da schmeckt das frisch gebraute Bier gleich doppelt so gut. Ausgeschenkt werden Pils, Dunkel und Hefeweizen.

Der Klüver Hof

Der Klüver Hof bietet Senioren, die einen gehobenen Anspruch an ihre Wohnsituation stellen und Wert auf einen zuverlässigen Service legen, ein optimales Zuhause.
The Hotel Carelshaven’s colourful history spans more than two centuries. For over 165 years of that time the Kluvers family have been the owners and managers of this venerable old hotel and restaurant in the far east of The Netherlands. (Delden).

The Klüvers/Clüvers on Facebook
For all people related to Klüver, *Kluver, Kluwer, Clüver, Clüwer etc.

Started this group just to see how many Klüvers* its possible to gather on facebook.

It is also a place to exchange information of our heritage :)

Familia Klüver on Facebook
Familia Klüver Uruguay, Argentina, Alemania, Dinamarca

Bernt Clüver  (Norsk maler)
Bernt Clüver, Bernt Julius Muus Clüver, Til 1929: Klüver, født 21. mai 1897, fødested Strinda (nå Trondheim), Sør-Trøndelag, død 2. april 1941, dødssted Oslo. Maler.  
Lorentz Diderich Klüwer  (Norsk Officer)
Lorentz Diderich Klüwer, født 23. desember 1790, fødested Verdal, Nord-Trøndelag, død 4. januar 1825, dødssted Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag. Offiser,

Phillip Clüver
An early modern german geographer and historian